Communications/Social Media

Through our communications efforts we keep our member organizations informed on issues and aware of member activities. The work of NYWA is shared with the public through our growing media outreach efforts.

Chair: Neha Suchak (Email: communications@newyorkwomensagenda.org)


All of NYWA's efforts are supported by funds raised throughout the year. The STAR Breakfast is the main source of financial support, but NYWA is creating important corporate sponsorship relationships and working to build foundation grant support. All are invited to join this dynamic committee and help ensure that NYWA has the resoruces it needs to create a strong coalition and affect change in our community.

Email: giving@newyorkwomensagenda.org)


Works to recruit, engage and retain member organizations and individuals through outreach and programming.

VP Membership: Lisa Hathaway Stella (Email: membership@newyorkwomensagenda.org)
Chair Individual Member: Kathy Dunphy (Email: membership@newyorkwomensagenda.org)


Oversees the by-laws, recommends changes as needed, and ensures that NYWA is in full compliance with nonprofit regulations. (Email: info@newyorkwomensagenda.org)

Attorney: Meryl Lynn Unger


Oversees the process by which NYWA's officers and board of directors are nominated and elected.

Karen Karpowich (Email: info@newyorkwomensagenda.org)